Damn good tea,
without the snobbery.

We craft wildly delicious teas that’ll make you say “damn”...
Tired of staring at a tea menu, feeling dazed and confused?

Thumbing through a tea menu isn’t unlike perusing a wine list. It’s full of stuff you can’t pronounce from places you’ve never heard of. Oolong… Pu'erh...  Chrysanthemum… Rooibos… help? Seriously, somebody please help. 

Bourbon Ginger Pear - Loose Leaf TeaBlueberry Earl Grey - Loose Leaf TeaDark Chocolate Cherry - Loose Leaf TeaBlueberry Acai Mojito - Loose Leaf TeaMatcha Mind Control - Loose Leaf Tea

Uhm, is the “O” silent?

Stick this in your cup.

Rare Brew is a team of tea connoisseurs (try saying that 3x times fast) bringing specialty tea to the masses with flavors that’ll dazzle your taste buds… not leave you drawing a blank as you attempt to spout out your order to the frustrated barista.

If you’ve stumbled into our store looking for any of the names we just mentioned above... well, you’ve come to the wrong place. We’ve curated a tea line-up that’s easy on both your palette and your pronunciation.

Take a looksie (or just keep scrolling).


Blueberry Acai Mojito.

This particular tea is for the responsible drinker, someone who thoroughly enjoys the minty citrusy taste of a Mojito but also cares about adult things like antioxidants. Between spearmint, peppermint, dandelion, elderflower and blueberries… our Blueberry Acai Mojito is packed full of antioxidants (and it tastes damn good, too).

You had me at Mojito


Green Tea Colada.

Green tea is crafted from leaves that aren’t oxidized like black tea leaves. This gives it an earthy, toasty flavor that tastes like you’re making love to mother nature. We’ve paired this lovemaking with coconut, pineapple and marigold petals to create an elixir that’ll make you feel like you’re sipping a pina colada, beachside.

Tan not included


Raspberry Pomegranate.

White Tea, like Green Tea, is unoxidized. Though, it has a much lighter more mellow taste than Green Tea. We’ve paired it with rose hips, safflower and dried raspberries and pomegranate for a subtly sweet, slightly tart, floral concoction. We’d liken drinking it to walking through a rose garden whilst digging into a fresh pomegranate.

All roses no thorns

Are these not tickling your fancy?

If Green Tea Colada doesn’t make you weak in the knees and Raspberry Pomegranate doesn’t make your heart race and Blueberry Acai Mojito doesn’t send shivers down your spine… we’ve got a heck of a lot more spectacular flavors where these came from… May induce drooling.

Put your pinky down.

We’re a bunch of tea snobs that woke up one day, looked ourselves in the mirror and decided it was time to stop the tea snobbishness. However, we didn’t want to toss the baby out with the leaves. So, we kept our odd obsession for brilliant tasting tea and made a rule… no more drinking with pinkies pointed in the air. Tea is good. Tea is damn good. But, it’s best when it can be enjoyed by everyone.