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Get a sample of our most popular teas. Including our  Bourbon Ginger Pear, Blueberry Earl Grey, Matcha Mind Control, and Dark Chocolate Cherry.

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Bourbon Ginger Pear - Hot Tea Blend
We know. It’s a lot. We’ll go ahead and break this trio down for you. We chose bourbon for the bite... ginger for the zing and pear for the sweet and combined them for a tea that’ll wow your tastebuds and your afternoon.

Blueberry Earl Grey - Hot Tea Blend
Earl Grey is the OG of tea. We decided to pay it a tribute with something of a remix. Blueberry Earl Grey adds a simple, refreshing remix to the black tea enjoyed by so many.

Matcha Mind Control - Hot Tea Blend
Feeling cloudy, slow, and maybe you can't remember to call your mom? When the brain fog rolls in, clear away the clouds with our handcrafted brew packed with brain-boosting superfoods known to reduce brain fog.

Dark Chocolate Cherry - Hot Tea Blend
There are a handful of sexy flavor combinations out there. Though, we’d argue none sexier than chocolate & cherry. Our Dark Chocolate Cherry tea is an aged Pu-erh black tea with a deliciously indulgent twist.