We’re paying $100+ for cocktail recipes. Want in?

If you know how to mix a mean cocktail, keep reading…

Hi. My name is Josh. And, I’m moments away from launching a tea company with my mom. I know. It’s an odd time, especially in the midst of all this chaos. But, to be candid, I think the world needs a good relaxing cup of tea (and perhaps a stiff cocktail) now more than ever before.

That’s where you come in.

I need ideas for wildly delicious cocktail recipes my customers can make with my unique tea blends.  

Here’s the deal…

I will be paying the top ten ideas $100 each. And, the best tasting cocktail of the bunch an additional $500.

Want in? Here’s how it works.

Select from our tea selection with discount code #spikedtea. Be sure to really peruse what we’ve got in stock and pick the tea blend you think you can best work your magic with. From there, post a photograph of your cocktail on Instagram or Facebook and tag @Rarebrew and be sure to include your recipe in the caption.

We will declare the winners at the end of June.

We will pay $100 to the ten recipes with the most shares and likes. Then, after a taste test, we will reward the most delicious cocktail an additional $500. Now, let the game begin, and let's test your skills.