Superfood Ingredients in Your Cup of Tea

Superfood Ingredients in Your Cup of Tea

Superfoods. Acai. Matcha. Turmeric. Blueberry. You know they’re good for you. Awesome for you, even. 

But how the heck do you cram all of them into your daily diet?

At Rare Brew, we’re pretty firm believers in the power of a good beverage to reap maximum health benefits. 

So, we’ve written a book on the superfood ingredients you can find right in your morning brew. It’s called Tea Won’t Make You a Superhero...But It Will Come Close.

In this brief, but actionable ebook, you’ll learn:

  • Why superfood ingredients are so damn good for you
  • What to consume to think more clearly, remember more, and focus better
  • How to get a clean hit of energy and even lose weight with superfood ingredients
  • How to lift your immunity with natural, plant-based compounds
  • What our top superfood ingredient choices are – and why

Don’t miss it!