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Loose Leaf Tea Express Infuser

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  • Releases infused tea directly into a cup or mug.

  • Steep up to 20 oz of premium loose leaf teas or herbal tisanes.

  • BPA-free, dishwasher safe.

  • Medical Grade Eastman Tritan, Stainless Steel filter is removable for more thorough cleaning. Drip tray included.
These express tea infusers are a revolutionary new method of steeping loose leaf tea by the cup. Insert your desired dry tea or herbal tisane leaf into the steeping chamber, add hot water and watch the leaves tumble as the tea develops to the desired color and intensity. To dispense, simply place the infuser on top of any standard mug or cup. This step activates the flow-through valve and allows the liquid to filter into your cup.

Instructions: Fill infuser with tea or herbs > pour in near-boiling water > let steep for the desired time (typically 2 - 5 minutes) > place the infuser on top of a cup for automatic dispensing through the base.